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If you search Google or any of a number of search engines on ways to make money it won't be long before you see websites or blogs promoting Project Payday. I stumbled across Project Payday around six months ago when I was searching for things I could do to make money. I finally found a website with a decent review and it provided enough information for me to be convinced that this particular millionaire program wasn't worth squat.

Towards the end of the review, the author stated that they knew of a program where you could make money in the next twenty-four hours. I was skeptical, but I decided to click the link to see where it took me. And that was my first introduction to Project Payday. I thought the website looked a bit tacky, but what grabbed my attention was the following text:

There was also a guarantee that you could make $50 by following their Fast First Fifty program and if you did not, they would pay you $100. Since there was no cost to sign up I decided it was worth looking into.

There was a wealth of information on the site, but you couldn't access it without becoming a premium member. Becoming a premium member required you to upgrade your membership or you could complete an offer from one of their sponsors. Since I wasn't completely sure if this opportunity was legitimate I selected the GoDaddy offer which cost me $6.95 to register a domain name.

After becoming a premium member I received an email from someone with instructions on how I could make $50 in the next 24 hours. I followed the steps in the email and it took me to a freebies site where I completed a few free trial offers and the next day $50 was deposited into my PayPal account. There were plenty of other programs available, but I wanted to learn more about the freebies sites due to the decent payouts. Project Payday also provides training guides with information on several freebies sites along with effective methods to make more money.

Another nice feature of Project Payday is their referral program. With most referral programs you don't get paid unless someone spends money. Project Payday's referral program is one of the few that will pay you just for getting people to sign up on their website. There is no catch or strings attached. If they sign up you get paid. The payouts are $1.50 per sign up, but that increases if your leads become premium members. There are some members earning thousands of dollars a month just using the referral program. To participate in the referral program you have to be a premium member.

Project Payday is one of the few web-based programs that actually delivers. There is a lot of useful information and various programs you can choose from to make money. To join Project Payday you need to be at least 18 years old and a US citizen. If you are interested in learning more click the banner below. It's absolutely free to sign up

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